"Wann wird die Zukunft eigentlich jetzt?" A FabLab for Bremen


The workshop concept of publicly accessible Fab Labs,  short for Fabrication Laboratories, that was
developed at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) in the USA, represents a highly promising
approach to impart technophilia to young people in a creative way. The concept is impressively simple:

Arrive with an idea, leave with a product

The main focus of the laboratories consists of generative manufacturing techniques. Whether you want to 
create simple three-dimensional objects or highly complex interactive manoeuvrable products, children 
and adolescents as well as professionals from various occupational groups are able to develop computer 
models and thereof manufacture all kinds of objects with the help of digital fabricating machinery.
Thanks to the easily accessible hard- and software, FabLabs provide the basis for formal and informal 

FabLab stands for concrete on-site making, embedded in a global community

Despite the fact that it is barely known in Germany yet, the FabLab movement has grown to become a
worldwide community. The 
extensively expanding network contains of more than 60 laboratories in metropolises in the Western world 
as well as labs in rural areas in developing countries. The FabLab users participate in a global exchange 
of knowledge in which every single oneĀ“s know-how is in demand.
fab*education examines the potential of this concept in the field of education as well as the promotion of
young talents. International experts and local agents will discuss current trends in technology, research 
and education. The program will be accompanied by a comprehensive exhibition that will demonstrate 
the current technological developments.

Following the symposium there will be further dates particularly for children and adolescents with a variety
of workshops that will be specifically organized for them. The driving force is the individual idea. 

Bremen needs a FabLab! 

In close collaboration with the colleagues of the FabLab-Groningen, fab*education will be part of the
preparatory process of the foundation of a FabLab in Bremen. Against this background the event will also
address the special importance of the laboratories within metropolitan regions.